SMTH in collaboration with MMMAD Festival are proud to present the II International Open Call for Digital Arts under the theme ‘Yes to all’ in Plenilunio Madrid and Vialia Estación de Vigo shopping centers.

In this second edition, we are looking for digital artworks that experiment with the space and format where they will be exhibited: SMTH’s large scale screens located in several of the most important shopping centres in Spain. 

The screens in shopping centres are large windows to information, advertising and cultural content. Yes to all opens the opportunity for international artists to rethink how the context in which their work is to be shown can condition the work itself, challenging the limits of software, distorting possible advertising realities and proposing new ways of looking at hardware.


Exposición activa

C.C.Plenilunio (Madrid): 11h-12h, 14h-15h, 17h-18h y 20h-21h

C.C. Vialia Estación de Vigo (Galicia): 12:30h, 18:30h y 20:30h

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