Text-to-realm kicks off the third edition of the SMTH Digital Art Program. The exhibition, curated by ONKAOS, invites to reflect and discover Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an enhancer of our creativity and its role within the arts to imagine, model or represent our experiences, worlds and narratives. text-to-realm, which will be available for viewing between September 7 and December 10 at Vialia Vigo, Plenilunio (Madrid), Fan Mallorca, Zaragoza Outlet, Miramar (Fuengirola) and Max Center (Barakaldo) shopping centers, brings together the digital works of Lars Nagler, Yosi Negrín, Infinite Vibes, FOOOLAB and Yan Xiangning, five renowned international artists whose works are developed using AI tools.

Post-organic landscapes, dystopian futures, collective and posthuman intelligences are some of the ideas that, long rooted in our collective imagination, define the works participating in text-to-realm. The exhibition proposes a journey through these concepts, "ideas that function as a reflection of the technification of our current world, where the real, the fictitious, the natural and the synthetic intertwine and blur.". It also provides insight into the role of AI as a tool and the creative possibilities offered by the convergence of text, technology and imagination.

The shift from text to image enabled by AI has brought about a paradigm shift in contemporary visual creation. These technological models, trained from large amounts of data, interpret natural language, generating all kinds of scenarios, as proposed by text-to-realm. This technological evolution opens up new spaces and artistic possibilities, as demonstrated by this group exhibition, which will be available between September and December in different Spanish shopping malls.


LARS NAGLER. German digital artist specialized in artificial intelligence, 3D and sound art. Interested in the development of human beings and their relationship and co-evolution with the world, his works use different techniques, using a language that manages to intermingle knowledge, emotion and automatic thinking. 

Winner of the SOLO AI '23 Awards, his work "The Garden of...." (2023) explores about the human face and affect through recursive landscapes with dreamlike overtones.

“In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni”

YOSI NEGRIN. Spanish architect and artist whose work focuses on exploring the relationship between the virtual and the real. His work investigates the construction of landscape and material reality in our relationship with technology and the digital world. Using moving images, artificial intelligence and the simulation of post-natural landscapes, Negrín produces installations that disrupt our perception of our immediate surroundings.

"In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni" is a Latin verse that translates as "We go round and round at night and are consumed by fire". This video piece (2023) shows us a hyperinfinite landscape legible from all directions. Through an artisanal work with AI tools, shaping and conversing -between- images about descriptions and events that have caused the degradation of our post-natural environment, Yosi shows us a surrealism-laden layer in which a continuum of images are unfolded and agitated by multiple technical eyes.

“into The Silicon Heart”

INFINITE VIBES is the latest pseudonym of the Berlin-based multimedia artist. Proveniente del mundo del mundo de la música club y la moda, su trabajo actual se centra en explorar las nuevas posibilidades estéticas y expresivas que ofrecen las tecnologías basadas en la inteligencia artificial. His current work combines AI-generated imagery with 3D animation, film and sound to examine the internal landscapes of life in the 21st century and explore ideas about a non-anthropocentric future.

"Into The Silicon Heart" (2023) beautifully explores new forms of life beyond the human. Pequeños seres alienígenas y mecánicos aparecen en la pantalla acompañados de naturalezas complejas y no orgánicas, desplegando escenas que consiguen desplegar belleza en lo desconocido.

“No. 13”

FOOOLAB is an art collective founded in Shanghai in 2021 and formed by members Chun Sun and Gun Ying. Inspired by surrealism and futurism, FOOOLAB explores new media as a creative medium, building contemporary myths. The name FOOOLAB is derived from the combination of the Tarot card "The Fool", symbolizing new beginnings, and their shared lucky number, 3.

Their experimental animated short "No. 13" (2023) shows us a dystopian future in which humans have been colonized by a superior species: the Swarm. Inspired by the novel The Swarm (1982), FOOOLAB explores the transformation of human beings into a kind of insect, a species that does not need critical thinking or language as we know it to function collectively.

“Heimdall Land”

YAN XIANGNING born in 2000, graduated from the Digital Media Department of Beijing Film Academy in 2023. Actualmente su obra se centra en el capitalismo de vigilancia y la filosofía de la inteligencia artificial. A través de gran serie de formatos multimedia, incluidos juegos experimentales, realidad virtual, animación, pero también instalaciones, Yan expresa su reflexión crítica sobre la sociedad mediática contemporánea. Sus obras se han expuesto y proyectado en festivales de cine de Pekín, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xi’an o Utah. His work is being shown for the first time in Spain.

In the context of the current paradigm of technological development, and based on concepts such as surveillance capitalism, "Heimdall Land" (2023) presents a scenario in which security, comfort and self-knowledge are offered at the expense of consumer logics that transform life into an accumulation of data.



VIGO – CC Vialia Estación de Vigo
MADRID – CC Plenilunio